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Flagpole accessories, all you need to complete your flag ornaments. Set of rules for etiquette, honors, precedence in official ceremonies; Application: Comply with the protocol. Uses in conformity with the relations between individuals in social life.

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Car fender bracket

"26 in. Aluminum Staff, Cast Aluminum Claw Bracket attaches to Lip of Car Fender, Ball Ornament " ..


Ball 3B ornament

Gold anodized aluminum, 3" diam. whit brass ferrule.  Overall length 6 1/2"...


Feather flag

Bannière promotionnelle, Chaque ensemble comprend: bannière, pole, base en croix.Délai de livraison: 15 à 22 jours ouvrables Taxes et transport ..



Brilliant gold removable ferrule and adapter, size 10" long. Finish  vacuum plated aluminum casting...


Flags spreader

Instructions for Flag SpreadersFlag spreader to show all your flags colors.  Used to spread out flag for full display on an indoor presentation..